narahari acharya is losing in kathmandu 5


thats the way it should be, isn’t it?

am i a uml supporter?

heck no!

am i a maoist goon?

get out

am i a bibeksheel nepali?


you are rpp, aren’t u?

seriously? common

so who am i and why narahari will lose?

good question, think within yourself , you will get the answer

a nepali voter is not merely a propoganda follower anymore, a nepali voter has a right to self determination

so u suport monarchy?

why would i? why want nirmal and paras on the loose again? the root has been cut off … 

am i baidya baa himself?

good question. what an analytic thought process you have, bravo! but, no, baidya should be stoned to death

hang in there, i am snooping ...please leave a message

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