gagan thapa, nc foul play dhaadhali in kathmandu 4

so the counting began. the first box said 279 votes on it and when counted it appears 250 votes for gagan and 150 votes for others. can someone explain how 121 more votes were inserted in the box? and every hour till now 8 boxes were opened and each of this boxes have more than 150 votes than mentioned atop. a protest started and now the counting has stopped. congress puppy gagan thapa has shown the corrupt culture he and similat others have been groomed in. even president ram baran yadav’s son captured 2 booths in dhanusha and changed entire boxes …. way to go congress.

same culture of bihari politics is shown by the maoists and communists in many areas ….

what excellent lesson we teach the next generation

hang in there, i am snooping ...please leave a message

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