nepal maoists boycott polls, heading to civil war

a trusted source disclosed, at midnight, when prachanda – the maoist leader noticed that they are not winning a single seat in the kathmandu valley and that they may not even get 50 seats in the 601 member constitution assembly (where they had a majority in 2008 elections), called for an emergency meeting at their headquarters in paris hill, kathmandu.

source indicates that the following options were floored:

  • join baidhya team and continue terrorism in the name of people’s war
  • accept the consequences
  • demand reelection
  • take up arms seperately than baidhya

issues discussed were

  • whether it is feasible for main leaders to to underground before the sun rises
  • if possible, to deviate the security, cadres will attack poll counting offices – clash with security and meantime the leaders go underground
  • prachanda’s son prakash demanded that the party continue civil war and that more blood needs to be spilled to control the nation
  • prachanda’s daughter renu seconded the option to join hands with baidhya

hang in there, i am snooping ...please leave a message

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