who are you?

a political underground monologue designed to expose political rampage of nepal post ca election # 2

why all lower case?

whats there so much acheived in nepal to be noted as acheivable

are you pro some-ism?

nopes, i planto be as critic as possible but will support a positive wage and expose the culprits in sheer nudity

so is this porn?

no. politically yes.

are u qualified?

i think so. been a part of nepal politics directly or indirectly since the 1980 referrendum. yes i am a floater, changed camps and parties, have not been satisfied on personal level under any camp. the search is on.. hence this monolouge


hang in there, i am snooping ...please leave a message

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Pictures of toes, pictures of feet, making the world a better place, one foot at a time.

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