प्रदेशसभा सदस्य (समानुपातिक)
प्रदेश ३

नेकपा (एमाले)

६,६५,२४९ मत
३७ %

नेपाली काँग्रेस

५,४९,७०४ मत
३० %

नेकपा (माओवादी केन्द्र)

३,१२,०९७ मत
१७ %

विवेकशील साझा पार्टी

१,१७,१३९ मत
६ %

राष्ट्रिय प्रजातन्त्र पार्टी

५६,१६८ मत
३ %

४ %



whether it is contempt of court or drgkc is a wait and see. nevertheless, supreme court is a shrine and no one should have balls to drag it down..unless there’s a sting operation against sc judges, clearly proving, beyond a reasonable doubt that corruption is the only thing they are involved in. who will bell the cat? no one? why? Nepalese don’t have balls!! i am a Nepali too and my balls not heavy enough! #iamwithdrkc #gkc #supremecourtnepal

a credible source leaked the information that gagan used local dons and goons along with his trusted men to carry out a special project a week before the election to ensure victory in kathmandu-4

gagan thapa sensing defeat or a win with a less margin, bribed the election officials deployed at the birendra international convention center where the ballot boxes were kept. each box contained votes and were sealed. gagan bought the security team, the election officers and the technical team at bicc and sent over 27 identical boxes and had them replaced by actual boxes in bicc.

during the poll count, it was revealed that each boxes were turning in 99% votes for gagan and the number of votes in the boxes did not match the total numbers which are being mentioned on the boxes.

as a result maoists have boycotted the elections and the results and preparing for a massive terrorism comeback

one of the witnesses mentions in demand of a reward that he has the evidence phone call conversation as well as some cell phone photos regarding the “mission rigging for gagan”


after the ongoing defeat of the maoists a group of human rights activists dinesh tripathi, journalist dixit and few other leading rights advocates have again floored the option to try prachanda and baburam bhattarai in the supreme court for slaying of 15000 people in the name of civil war. agni sapkota will be tried in the court too.

it has been learnt that the maoists command has passed a resolution to take wartime measure to attack on tripathi and dixit. tripathi is contesting polls in rautahat in nepal

a trusted source disclosed, at midnight, when prachanda – the maoist leader noticed that they are not winning a single seat in the kathmandu valley and that they may not even get 50 seats in the 601 member constitution assembly (where they had a majority in 2008 elections), called for an emergency meeting at their headquarters in paris hill, kathmandu.

source indicates that the following options were floored:

  • join baidhya team and continue terrorism in the name of people’s war
  • accept the consequences
  • demand reelection
  • take up arms seperately than baidhya

issues discussed were

  • whether it is feasible for main leaders to to underground before the sun rises
  • if possible, to deviate the security, cadres will attack poll counting offices – clash with security and meantime the leaders go underground
  • prachanda’s son prakash demanded that the party continue civil war and that more blood needs to be spilled to control the nation
  • prachanda’s daughter renu seconded the option to join hands with baidhya

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